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We offer classes throughout the week during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. If you are interested in a dance class but do not see it listed below, contact us to see if it is an option as we are always adding new classes throughout the year!

Dance Class Fees

TypeAge GroupFee
Hip HopLevels I, II, III, IV$86 per month
BalletAll Ages/Levels$86 per month
Ballet/Jazz/Tap Dance ComboPreschool & Kinder levels$86 per month
Acro ClassesPreschool, Kinder, Level I$86 per month
Lyrical Dance ClassesLevels II, III$86 per month
Boys Combo8-12yrs$86 per month
Musical TheaterAll Ages/Levels$97 / month
Adult Combo Dance18yrs-Plus$86 per month
Adult Jazz Dance18yrs-Plus$86 per month
Adult Ballet18yrs-Plus$86 per month
Adult Tap Dance18yrs-Plus$86 per month
Wedding Dance ClassesAdultsContact Us
OSMD Company5-15yrs$175 per month


Fall // Spring // Summer

This 45-minute dance class introduces preschoolers to ballet and creative movement in an enjoyable and nurturing environment. The class is designed to develop children’s motor and social skills in a supportive setting. Students will progress into the next ballet level or other dance style.

These ballet classes give children a strong foundation in dance while keeping the movement on a child’s level so that they are always having fun and mastering new skills. Our program is designed to be an effective, safe, progressive and developmentally appropriate. Sessions are 45 minutes and limited to 12 students per class.

Preschool Ballet Schedule

Classes for ages 3-5 years old

DayTimeAge Group

Kinder Ballet Schedule

Classes for ages 5-6 years old

DayTimeAge Group

Ballet Schedule

Ballet Classes denoted by skill level.

LevelLevel ExplainedDayTime
Level IYoung Beginner (ages 7-10)Thursday5:00-5:40pm
Level IYoung Beginner (ages 7-10)Friday5:45-6:25pm
Level IIYoung Intermediate (ages 7-10)Monday4:30-5:10pm
Level IIYoung Intermediate (ages 7-10)Wednesday5:45-6:25pm
Level IIIOlder Beginner (ages 10+)Saturday10-10:40am
Level IVOlder Intermediate (ages 10+)Monday7:30-8:10pm

Ballet/Jazz/Tap Dance Combo Classes

Fall // Spring // Summer

Tap requires a great deal of coordination and can be a challenging style of dance. Styles include traditional tap and street tap. Each class meets for 45 minutes and are limited to 12 students per class.

Preschool Combo Schedule

For Classes age 3-4 years old

DayTimeAge Group
Monday5:15pm - 5:55pm3-4yrs

Kinder Combo Schedule

For Classes age 5-6 years old

DayTimeAge Group

Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Fall // Spring // Summer

Hip-hop dance is one of the most popular styles of dancing. Movements in hip-hop dance are less fluid than other dance styles. Classes meet for 45 minutes and are limited to 12 students.

The Hip Hop Crew

LevelLevel ExplainedDayTime
Level IYoung Beginner (ages 7-10)Monday6-6:40pm
Level IYoung Beginner (ages 7-10)Friday5:30-6:10pm
Level IIYoung Intermediate (ages 7-10)Monday6-6:40pm
Level IIIOlder Beginner (ages 10+)Tuesday7:15-7:55pm
Level IVOlder Intermediate (ages 10+)Saturday12:45-1:25pm

Pom Dance Classes

Fall // Spring // Summer

Looking for a fun energetic option for your future cheerleader? Similar to Hip Hop, but with more pep in your step, pom class is for you! This class is high energy, for the kids who just cant sit still and love to dance! Students will grow their choreography skills with this brand new class!

LevelLevel ExplainedDayTime
Level IYoung Beginner (ages 7-10)Thursday5:45pm-6:25pm

Acro Classes

Fall // Spring // Summer

Get the best in tumbling classes at Omaha School of Music and Dance. We offer classes for a variety of ages, boys and girls are welcome!

Acro Class Schedule

LevelDayTimeAge Group
Acro 1Tuesday5:00pm-5:40pmYoung Beginner (ages 7+)

Lyrical Dance Classes

Fall // Spring // Summer

Lyrical dance is easiest described as a combination of jazz and ballet. It is faster than ballet, but not as fast as jazz. Most lyrical dance pieces are performed to music with lyrics and the lyrics of the song are what the choreography of the dance is based on. Each session is 45 minutes and limited to 12 students per class.

Lyrical Dance Schedules

LevelLevel ExplainedDayTime
Level IIYoung Intermediate (ages 7-10)Monday6:45-7:25pm
Level IIIOlder Beginner (ages 10+)Tuesday6:30-7:10pm

Musical Theater Dance Classes

Our Musical Theater sessions are taught by university-trained performers who currently perform in musicals locally, as well as on the national stage. Our instructors teach all of the proper techniques to train students to sing wisely and project, while not causing damage to the vocal cords. Our production directors also teach methods on characterization, motivation, and movement! Each session is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Spots are limited for each session, so make sure to sign up today!

Musical Theater Schedule

Now Accepting New Students To Begin Mid-October
DayTimeAge Group
Introductory Musical Theater - Tuesday5:00pm-5:30pm4-6yrs
Beginner Musical Theater - Tuesday4:15pm-5:00pm6-8yrs
Intermediate Musical Theater - Wednesday5:45pm-6:45pm7-9yrs
Advanced Musical Theater - Thursday6:30pm-7:30pm9-14yrs
Adult Musical Theater - Tuesday8:00pm-9:00pm18+

Boys Combo Classes

Calling all boys for this fun, high-energy combination dance class allowing boys to be boys! Dancers develop musicality, creativity, listening skills, and coordination. This non-stop, action-packed class includes hip hop, tap, jazz, and dance games that will have your kid movin’ to the beats! Boys combo performs in both our Fall and Spring dance recitals! You won’t want to miss this class!

DayTimeAge Group
Friday5-5:40pm8-12 years

OSMD Company: Star Elite

We are so excited to announce OSMD’s very first auditioned ensemble of dancers ages 5-15, Star Elite!

Star Elite will meet twice weekly and will learn a holiday showcase and summer showcase to perform throughout the community.

Here at Omaha School of Music and Dance, we are so excited to be able to provide numerous fun performance opportunities for dancers to grow their confidence on stage and in learning choreography with our Star Elite company program!

All auditioners will be placed in an ensemble, it’s just a matter of which one!

Adult Dance Classes

This is a combo class offered to both women and men. They are geared for beginning & intermediate recreational students. This class is a combination of all of the major dance elements including: ballet, tap, and hip hop. This is a great way to learn dance and get in shape!

Adult Jazz Class

DayTimeAge Group

Adult Beginner Combo

DayTimeAge Group

Adult Ballet Class

DayTimeAge Group

Adult Tap Dance Class

DayTimeAge GroupSkill Level

Adult Lyrical Class

DayTimeAge Group
Wednesday7:15-7:55pm18yrs +

Wedding Dance Classes can be scheduled privately only

This class is offered to both women and men. We really listen to our clients to achieve their goals. We can work with any song. Our specialty is wedding dance, but we do so much more at the dance studio! We teach people just like you how to dance.

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