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Violin Classes | OSMD
Music Lessons

Violin Lessons at OSMD

Teachers Allison H. Dryden Meints Mary Amador Wanisha Why Violin? Confidence builder: Learning to play the violin gives students the chance to build confidence in what they’re learning to play.…
Consider Violin Lessons | OSMD
Music Lessons

Why to Consider Violin Lessons

Why Consider Violin Lessons Why should you consider violin lessons? This question comes in a package deal with multiple answers. Whether you’re interested in learning a new instrument, or you…
Pom Class | OSMD
Acro Classes

Pom Classes at OSMD

If you’ve ever watched a football or basketball game you’ve probably seen cheerleaders on the sidelines with pom-poms in hand. The colorful and sparkly pieces add that additional flair to…
Consider Piano Lessons at OSMD
Music Lessons

Why Consider Piano Lessons

Learning to play a musical instrument can be a very rewarding activity to someone. The notes allow for beautiful sounds and music to be echoed through a room. Choosing an…

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